Humane Methods to Remove Macomb County Groundhogs

Are you experiencing a Macomb County groundhog problem? Groundhogs are rodents that are also known as woodchucks and are active during daytime. They are attracted to plants and vegetables, so they will eat your crops. They will damage your yard or garden by digging holes. Woodchucks will create huge and complex holes. When groundhogs dig near your house, it can lead to a serious problem of weakening the foundation of the structure. As a result, the structure will collapse that might lead to a serious injury. The usually dig ground near the patio, shed, or deck. This is why is crucial for you to remove the woodchuck from your property. In this article, we have listed few of the humane woodchuck removal methods. Let’s have look at the humane groundhog removal methods.

Top Way to Humanely Remove Woodchucks
Here are the humane methods that you can use to remove Michigan groundhogs from your property.

Use Repellents
If you use repellents you can make sure that woodchucks are stopped from entering specific areas. You can use spicy-pepper repellent that will intensify the sense of smelling and tasting. You can spray the repellent throughout your yard. As a result, it will prevent them from chewing your plants and digging. However, you must keep in mind that the repellent is not strong enough to hold off the mother groundhog away from her babies.

Using Live Traps
One of the most effective ways to eliminate Macomb County woodchucks from your property is by setting a trap. They are a cautious animal who is not trapped easily. You have to be diligent when setting the trap for them. Here are few of the things that you have to keep in mind.

• Make sure the trap is set in a way that will stop the groundhog from going back.
• Wear gloves when setting the trap, so your smell is not transferred
• Use leaves to camouflage the trap, it will make the groundhog more comfortable when entering
• You have to ensure that the trap is stable and will to move. You can use a brick for making sure the trap is fixed in one place.

Use Fences
Another way to remove the groundhogs from your property is by having a fence installed. They are climbers, so you have to make sure the fences are tall that will make it difficult to climb. It is advised that the fences should be at least 3 to 4 inches tall. Keep in mind to use a strong and durable fence that will have no more 3” x 3” openings. Have an outward angle of the fence from the top that will make be challenging for the groundhog to climb. Since the groundhogs can dig burrows, you must extend the fence underground as well. It will prevent them from entering by digging. All in all, if you suspect that groundhog is living on your property, you should contact a professional. They will make sure by inspecting the area whether it is a Michigan groundhog or any other animal. If you need more details, you can visit our website.

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