Using Smells to Repel Macomb County Rats

Most of the people around the world are in trouble due to the routine attack of rats on their property. They create an annoying mess everywhere and sometime you may have to lose some of your most important stuff due to their actions. Rats are commonly found in commercial buildings, restaurants, warehouses, basements, attics and in crop fields as well. But not everyone can kill them; some kind human beings just want to show a path out of their property without causing any harm to them. If you are also searching for some natural way to get rid of Macomb County rats, it is good to use some rat repellent smells. This is the most budget-friendly and easy to use solution to keep rats away from your home. You can prepare their repellents at home with ease.

If you want to keep them away from your garden, the best idea is to grow mint. Rats hate the smell of mint and even anything related to peppermint, including its plant. Millions of homeowners have already tested this trick and they are happy to get rid of rats. You can grow citronella plants, spearmint and mint in your garden to get rid of annoying rats.

Peppermint oil:
Homeowners who are not able to find time to grow mint in their yard can choose this simple technique to avoid Macomb County rats. You can buy peppermint oil from the market at a reasonable price and then drip only 4 to 5 drops of it on cotton balls. Place these cotton balls at locations where you observe rats moving more often. They will soon avoid wondering in your living space. Other alternatives to peppermint oil are citronella oil and castor oil.

Urine or Ammonia:
Rats cannot tolerate the smell of urine that is why Ammonia is often used to keep them away from the house. You can simply fill few bottle caps with ammonia and place them at different locations in your house. The most common places where Michigan rats attack are attic, basement, sink and bathrooms. You can create a safe boundary in your house with ammonia.

Cloves and Cayenne:
Rats hate cloves and their smell so you can use them to keep rats away from the house. Get some small sachets and fill them with ground cloves. In order to make your remedy more effective, you can also create a mixture of cayenne pepper. Now, put these sachets at locations where you often observe rat movements. If you want to target larger areas such as basements or garage, it is good to use ground clove powder.

Raw dry beans:
If you want to kill the Michigan rats with some simple home remedies, the best idea is to use raw dry beans or peanuts in the attacked areas. Studies reveal that nutrients found in these substances cause blocking of rat’s digestive system. It works by aborting the starches and proteins that are essential for the digestive system to work normally. Ultimately, their blood starts forming clusters and they die.

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