Humane Methods to Remove Macomb County Squirrels

If you often observe squeaking, scratching and scampering above your ceiling, it means you have some unwanted guests in your attic. Michigan squirrels always keep on searching for some safe places to store their food and your warm and closed attic appears the best choice for them. They may enter your house through chimneys or crevices and once entered inside; they may cause huge destruction to the property.

They may seem sweet when they keep on doing crazy activities outside, but if they start sharing your living space, you may feel annoyed soon. Actually, these creatures can cause big harm to many essential items at your home. They can chew PVC plumbing lines and electric wires etc. Hence, it becomes essential to make efforts to get rid of these tiny creatures as soon as possible.

Some people try to catch these cute attackers and relocate them. But this trick is not going to work because these hyperactive creatures can soon find their way back to your place where they have stored their food for a long time. One possible option to keep them out of the house after their relocation is to close all the entry points like cervices and chimneys. Sadly, some people also try to use poison to kill them but it is an inhumane approach. If you want to complete this task in a natural manner without causing any harm to them, the best idea is to choose any of these humane techniques below.

Use repellents:
Repellents are the best solution to keep female Macomb County squirrels away from your house. They are more harmful because they always keep on searching for some warm and cozy place for their litters. But the great news is that some powerful scents can easily force her to move out of your property. You can use some ammonia solution and soak a fabric around it. Put this cloth in right positions wherever you find squirrels moving all day long. Other than this, you can also make use of some high pitched music devices to force them to move out of the house.

There are two types of traps available for squirrels; one is non-lethal and other is lethal. When you are planning to remove Michigan squirrels humanly from space, it is good to choose the first one. It will help you to trap them and then you can leave them far away in a forest where they can enjoy the natural environment. One more option for trapping squirrels is to use live cage trap in which you have to block all the entrance and exit points for these tiny creatures, except one. So when they want to move out for food, they will naturally choose this path to walk and will get trapped. This method works better to trap a number of squirrels at once.

Roof Treatment:
Other than this, you should make some efforts for roof treatment. Squirrels often find their way inside via broken parts of the roof so in order to keep them out of your house, prefer to repair your roof and attic time to time.

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